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Action Items!

Watch the button on the menu to the left.

When that button is flashing, as the one above, it means that there are one or more current Action Items that need your attention.

Although, at this time, there are many important issues that could be addressed here, this page is specifically for those issues that require immediate attention, such as an upcoming roll call vote, a proposed regulation that has a limited comment period or some specific threat to your freedoms.

We try to keep up with such things, as best we can, but we know of no such immediate Action Items, at this time.

This page will be updated as necessary, with items that need your immediate attention.  These items may take the form of bills moving through Congress that either subvert the Constitution or correct previous anti-Constitution legislation.  They may involve corporate decisions that are either good or bad for America.  In short, we want to support good bills and other positive actions and denounce bad legislation and other detrimental actions.

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