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Poll Results

The following are the results of various past Action America polls.  The list is currently short, since we have only recently begun posting polls on Action America.  We hope that you will visit often and watch for new polls.  New polls are usually posted on our Today's Features Page.

Note:  When the subject of a poll is no longer newsworthy or becomes irrelevant, it will be removed from this list.

May 18, 2003
What effect will the current GOP leadership's contempt for the Constitution and our Bill of Rights protections have on your voting in the next election?

Republican, right or wrong (20) 7.7%  
Republican - Contempt for the Constitution is not an issue (24) 9.3%  
Republican - Concerned, but not enough to change my vote (116) 44.8%  
Republican - May not vote for some Republicans responsible (20) 7.7%
Republican - Won't vote for those responsible unless they change (25) 9.7% Total Votes 259
Republican - Won't vote for those responsible even if they change (15) 5.8%  
Other Party - Would never vote Republican (8) 3.1%  
Independent - Won't vote for those responsible (25) 9.7%  
Independent - May or may not vote for those responsible (6) 2.3%  

Although President Bush and the GOP leadership seem to be on a political high, there has been a lot of discontent among many of their own party's voters, concerning the GOP leadership's apparent contempt for the Constitution, in authoring and passing such blatant attacks on the 4th Amendment, as the USA Patriot Act and the Homeland Security Act, not to mention the Bush Justice Department's holding of a non-combatant US citizen incommunicado, without even access to an attorney, for months.  We wondered if it was just an illusion or if this discontent might actually represent a real threat to the GOP in November.  It's not unusual for online polls to be off by 10 to 25 percent and occasionally even more.  But, even if these results were off by an amazingly high factor of 10 times the actual numbers, in favor of the GOP leadership, it would still mean that some GOP candidates could be facing a critical 2.3% conservative backlash (2.3% actual X 10 = 23% poll result) in the upcoming election.  Since many GOP incumbents, including the President, won their current seat by less than 1%, even a small 2.3% conservative backlash could spell disaster for those renegade Republicans.  Though we cannot attest to the accuracy of the results of this poll, the amazingly high backlash numbers certainly do seem to speak for themselves.

April 21, 2003
Which of the following tax systems do you think would offer the best combination of revenue, privacy and economic stimulus for America?

Progressive Income Tax system just as it is. (7) 1.8%  
Progressive Income Tax system, but cut the tax rate. (2) 0.5%  
Flat Income Tax. (67) 16.9%  
National Retail Sales Tax. (250) 63.1%  
Duties and Tariffs. (25) 6.3% Total Votes 396
Each state should collect all taxes (27) 6.8%  
Combination of the above (2) 0.5%  
Other tax system not listed here. (5) 1.3%  
All tax should be voluntary. (11) 2.8%  

Since we, at Action America have long supported the National Retail Sales Tax, these results make us feel fery good.  Now, we must put these desires into action and get the NRST passed and signed into law.

April 6, 2003
Who among these potential 2004 candidates for President would have done the best job in dealing with Iraq (incl. pre-war, wartime and post-war or no war)?

Al Gore (6) 1.6%  
Hillary Clinton (2) 0.5%  
Joe Lieberman (4) 1.1%  
Dick Gephardt (0) 0%  
John Kerry (0) 0% Total Votes 370
John Edwards (0) 0%  
Bob Graham (0) 0%  
Wesley Clark (2) 0.5%  
Gary Hart (1) 0.3%  
George W. Bush (355) 95.5%  

Although President Bush has seen approval ratings in the range of 80%, for his handling of the situation in Iraq, we hoped that those few who thought Bush was doing a poor job, would tell us who they thought would do a better job.  In trying to be fair, since those folks are almost all Democrats, we provided them a variety of popular Democrats to choose from.  If they all had a better choice, we would have expected that Bush would have only received around 80% in this poll, matching other recent polls.  However, since Bush received almost 96% in this poll, it seems that three-fourths of his detractors have no better candidate to offer up.


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All rights reserved

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