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Welcome to the Action America blog.

We decided to create this page to have a place to express ideas that do not justify a lengthy article or for those times when we feel that we should comment on an issue, but do not have the time to write a longer article.  We hope that you find this of interest.

August 3, 2003, 23:12 - John Gaver
Subject:  Going to Print
Over the years, I have received many emails asking me to go into more detail on some of the subjects that I deal with.  In that regard, I have done as much as is practical for articles on the Internet.  It's not considered good practice to make such articles too long, as those who browse the Internet tend to view such articles as magazine articles.  In other words, they lose interest if the articles get too long.  Yet, the requests for more detail have continued.  For that reason, I decided to investigate the possibility of publishing a book that will go into extensive detail on a few of the subjects that I have dealt with on this site.  That's why I have been a little remiss at updating this blog.  I have been spending a lot of time researching the market for such a book.  I have not yet located a publisher, but I have found several outlets where I can be reasonably assured of sales of over 100,000 copies.  So, I have decided to go forward with the book and I'm shooting for about 150,000 words in about 9 or 10 months.  The subjects covered will be mostly those covered in the Tax and Economy, Privacy and Courts sections of this site.  I will post more here, as the book progresses.
June 27, 2003, 09:12 - John Gaver
Subject:  A Better Solution for Dealing With Queers
Many conservatives seem to be disturbed at the recent Supreme Court decision, effectively overturning the Texas anti-sodomy law.  However, I would like to point out two reasons to support that decision.  First, the Texas law was a clear violation of the 4th Amendment, that guarantees "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses,...".  If government officers can go into a home to look for sodomy, they can come into your home to look for unregistered guns.  Like it or not, the same law that protects you, protects them.  Second, consider that while the sexual attraction between men and women is natural, since it leads to procreation, a sexual attraction between members of the same sex is unnatural, since if it were common, it would have led to the extinction of our species centuries ago.  Now, I don't know if it is a mental illness or a physical disease.  I don't know if it is a birth defect or a sickness acquired after birth.  But, it should be clear that it is a sickness or defect that drives these people.  So, it seems to me that rather than punish the sick for being sick, we should be trying to find a cure for their illness.  After all, punishing a sickness does nothing to stop its spread.  In fact, it only drives the sickness underground, where it cannot be treated.  On the other hand, a cure for homosexuality would render anti-sodomy laws obsolete.  I have little respect for queers, who cannot control their unnatural urges.  But, I have a great respect for the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Lets protect the 4th Amendment and instead of punishing the queers for their disease, let's find a cure for it and be done with the whole issue.
June 25, 2003, 10:41 - John Gaver
Subject:  Affirmative Action Actually Hurts Most Negroes
The recent Supreme Court ruling in favor of affirmative action brought to mind a conversation that I had a while back, with the Negro gentleman who mows lawns in our area.  It seems that he used to be a strong proponent of affirmative action, until his oldest daughter made him realize his folly.  She had just graduated from college (the reason that he mows lawns on the side) and although she had graduated with honors, she felt like she had to defend her high GPA to prospective employers.  You see, it bothered her that about 10-15 percent of the Negroes who graduated with honors in her class had not earned their high marks, as she had, but rather, were beneficiaries of preferences and affirmative action.  It seems that, to keep from being accused of skewing their classes to favor Anglos, teachers would grade Negroes softly, so as to have a "proper racial distribution" of grades.  Her concern was that prospective employers had no way of knowing if her high GPA was really earned or not.  She had admitted to her father, that if she were doing the hiring herself, she would have to be somewhat skeptical.  He told me that it was like his daughter had turned on a light.  He had never thought that there might be a negative side to racial preferences.  But, having made sure that his children would succeed on their own, he now realized that racial preferences could actually be detrimental to them.  He wasn't ready to switch parties, but he did admit that, for the first time, he voted for two Republicans in the last election.  By the way, he later told me that his daughter got a great job and was planning to go back for her MBA in two years and that her goal was to become US Treasury Secretary.  I asked for which party.  His response was, "You try to raise your children right and what happens?  They become Republicans."
June 18, 2003, 22:09 - John Gaver
Subject:  The Guest Worker Proposal - The GOP Caves Once Again
Once again, the Republicans are acting like Democrats.  This time, they are proposing an amnesty for illegal aliens, in the form of a guest worker program.  The excuse for this lunacy is that, since we can't keep them out, it will help law enforcement keep track of these people.  But, there are two major flaws in that logic.  1) We have never made a serious attempt to keep them out, so we can't possibly know if we can keep them out or not.  2) Making them legal for three years will have little effect, since the proposed program assumes, quite incorrectly, that the illegal alien workers all want to move here permanently.  In fact, only a small percentage of illegal aliens live here year around.  Most illegal aliens are Mexicans, who only come here to work for a few months at a time and then go back to Mexico and their families.  Since current law doesn't present a problem for them, signing up for the guest worker program will only mean that in three years, the INS will know where they are, to deport them.  To solve this problem, we have but to look at motivation.  While they are here, most illegals send a significant portion of their pay back to their families in Mexico.  If the INS arrests an illegal working at a restaurant in Houston at 6:00PM tonight, he will be in Mexico by morning and be back in Houston, at work at the same job, the next evening.  If the INS wants to have a real effect on their motivation, they need to create extensive procedures that will keep the illegals behind bars, right here in the US, for at least a couple of weeks, before they are deported.  That will mean that by the time the illegal can get back, his restaurant job will have been given to another person.  But worse, he won't be able to send money back home to Mama and if the money stops and Mama can't feed the kids, she's going to find the kids a new Daddy.  That will only have to happen a couple of times, before the word spreads and they begin to see sneaking into the US as too great a risk.
June 17, 2003, 09:43 - John Gaver
Subject: The Hollywood Left - Alec Baldwin Alert

It's been a while since the Hollywood left has made the news with their anti-American hate speak, but just because they have quieted down for a while, doesn't mean that we should forget who and what they are.  I mention this today, because I heard that renowned USA hater, Alec Baldwin, will be staring in a TNT premier movie next Sunday night.  But, rather than not watching the movie, which would have very little effect, I have a better idea.  Since TNT is a commercial network, I intend to watch the movie and make note of all of the advertisers.  Then after the movie is over, I will write to all of those advertisers and let them know that I will do everything within reason, to avoid buying their product or service for the next 12 months, because they advertised on a program staring an avid anti-American, like Baldwin.  I hope that you will do the same.  Especially now, that their antics are no longer in the news, we must make the extra effort to never forget their hatred of the country that made it possible for them to become rich and famous.

See our article, Hollywood Anti-Americans - Lest We Forget...



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