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Action America's
2004 General Election Endorsements

We have put off making our endorsements for as long as possible, in the hope that something would change, to keep us from having to make one endorsement that we would rather not have to make. However, the only things that have changed, have solidified the need to make that endorsement. We have only endorsed a very few candidates. In each case, we have researched both the candidate who we are endorsing and all of their opponents. Our primary concern, in this age when so many Republicans are actually Republican In Name Only (RINO), is that the candidate be the most conservative of the "acceptable" candidates for that office. The word "acceptable" is important, since we would never suggest that anyone vote for the "lesser evil". We believe that those who we endorse represent the "greater good".

Click to read endorsements

The Economy Bomb
Ticking Down Faster

(5/10/04 - an update to Tick-Tick-Tick - The Economy Bomb)

An insidious cancer is eating away at the US economy. We, at Action America have been writing about this prroblem for years, but lots of new information has surfaced in the last year. To make a long story short, continuing federal legislation, aimed at controlling private wealth, has actually had the effect of driving our largest taxpayers out of the US at a much higher rate than previously reported. For example according to an INS report, based on US Census data, expatriation has reached record levels, with over 363,000 US citizens and permanent residents leaving the US in 2002. We ask the question, "How many of that 363,000 do you think were poor?" In fact, the taxpayers who bear the lion's share of the tax load are leaving in record numbers and recent legislation aimed at stopping them, is actually contributing to the problem.


Hiding Behind the Flag
GOP Assaults on Privacy Drives More Wealth Offshore!

A tremendous growth in the offshore investment advice sector, over the last year and a half, signals a significant upcoming increase in capital flight and expatriations of those who pay most of the taxes.  Many of our wealthiest citizens, who just over 2 years ago, welcomed a GOP controlled government, after 8 years of attacks by Bill Clinton, are now reeling from the barrage of recent legislation and regulations enacted by a Republican Congress and Whitehouse.  The wealthy have been hit hard by legislation such as the USA Patriot Act and Homeland Security Act, which have little to do with their titles.  Under the guise of patriotism, primarily Republican lawmakers have hidden unprecedented attacks on wealth and privacy that has the wealthy preparing to respond in the only manner left open to them, by our government.  They are preparing to move all of their assets and investments offshore and likely even expatriate.

Regardless of what you may think about the constitutionality of those actions or even the need for some of the provisions contained in those laws, we demonstrate that they are bad law, because of the devastating effect that they will eventually have on our economy.  Learn how these recent GOP led, government power grabs pose an ominous threat to our economy.


Federal Failure by Design
Lawmakers Give Terrorists a Pass

In the year since the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, the Whitehouse and Congress have postured about how we need to cut off the terrorists' access to funds.  But, all that we have seen from them in the form of legislation, is the USA Patriot Act, which has been described by constitutional scholars as the single greatest attack on the Constitution in the history of the United States.  It seems that Patriotism is indeed, the last refuge of a scoundrel.  Meanwhile, evidence mounts, that much of the drugs being used by our kids are funding terrorists and our lawmakers have done nothing to stop it.

Learn why our lawmakers are attacking Americans and American business, instead of a major source of terrorists' funds that comes from within our shores and learn what easy step lawmakers could take, that would severely cripple the terrorists.


A Message to Our So-Called "Allies"
(in the words of Bob Dylan)

Here is something that I happened across, that is a quite appropriate response to the current pontificating by France, Germany and several other of our so-called "Allies", who we know would just as soon see the US in rubble.  The words of Bob Dylan say it all.


The Politics of Flight 93
Classic Logic from Congressman Billybob

Action America typically does not use content from other sources.  However, we recently ran across an excellent article, "The Politics of Flight 93", on the Congressman Billybob web site, that exemplifies our goal of "uncommon insight" and we had to share it with you.  The logic is inescapable.  I think that you too, will agree that it's a classic.  Our thanks go to John Armor, Esq. (aka, Congressman Billybob) for this great work and for granting us reprint rights.


Defending the American Dream
How the Wealthy Defend Against Taxes, Tort and Terrorism

Most people who have achieved financial success will tell you that the American Dream is fast becoming an American Nightmare.  Those who have managed to achieve any degree of financial success are finding that, more and more, they are under attack from many directions.  But, far worse than frivolous litigation, the terrorist threat or any other threat, are the legislative attacks on wealth, emanating from their own government, under the guise of "fighting terrorism".  It is our own lawmakers, whose draconian legislation is actually forcing wealthy Americans to defend themselves and their assets in a way that is brewing a virtually unseen crisis of terrifying proportions for our economy.  Many in government call their actions unpatriotic.

We examine the facts surrounding this issue and determine who it really is that is unpatriotic and who is defending the American Dream.  We have also uncovered new evidence that proves that this is an extremely serious problem, that is about to get much worse.


Terrorism Strikes America
A New Kind Of War

While our hearts go out to the victims of the senseless and cowardly attack on innocent civilians that took place on September 11, 2001, we at Action America want to remind our readers that to end such cowardly attacks, we must eliminate all three of the actors in the theater of terrorism.  Those actors are 1) the brainwashed perpetrators, 2) the cowards who brainwash and command the perpetrators and 3) the ultimate cowards who enable the other two actors, by giving them funding, supplies and refuge or simply failing to report knowledge of their whereabouts.  If we fail to totally eliminate all three of these actors, we will only make matters worse.  It is, after all, the third actor who is the most dangerous, because he believes that by not participating in the terrorist activities, he is immune from consequences and can always find some other coward to take his money and arms and do the dirty work.

We must send a resounding message to ALL who would support terrorism, that even those who passively support terrorism, will be made to pay the consequences, even as those who commit the actual acts.  This message must strike fear in the hearts and minds of every citizen on the streets of Kabul, Baghdad, Tehran, Damascus and cities in every other nation that supports terrorism.  The message to those citizens should be, "If your government supports terrorism, you will be held personally responsible."  They must fear our reprisals more than they fear their own government.  With such incentives, the people of other nations will keep their governments in line.

Care For Your Flag

Many people who never have flown a US Flag before are going out and buying flags.  This is great.  But, I have found that even many of my friends, who have long flown flags on national holidays, do not know proper flag etiquette.  The most common breach of flag etiquette that I see is the flying of the US Flag at night, without a light on it.  I also see some tattered flags from time to time, particularly on automobiles.  Even flags flown from moving automobiles are not immune to this rule.  Those antenna flags are inexpensive enough that you should be able to buy several.  When a flag becomes tattered, fold it and store it until you can have it destroyed in a dignified ceremony.  Your local American Legion Post usually conducts dignified flag burning ceremonies on a regular schedule.  Often, June 14th (Flag Day) is one of the days selected for such ceremonies.  More information on US Flag Etiquette here.


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