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Privacy & Fourth Amendment Issues

The Fourth Amendment defines two of the basic principles that our nation was founded upon - the right to privacy in our personal affairs and the presumption of innocence.  Learn here, how our government has completely subverted the Fourth Amendment.

This page is provided both as a starting place for our Privacy Section and as a courtesy, for those who use older browsers that are unable to access the structured fly-out menus to the left.



On the subject of privacy, we at Action America are strongly opposed to SPAM (unsolicited email).  In fact, as Publisher of Action America and webmaster for numerous web sites, I used to receive far more spams than the average person - SPAMS that took time away from answering the many emails that I receive regarding this site.  Please note that the operative phrase in the previous statement is "used to receive".

It is with great pleasure that I am able to recommend to our readers, two solutions to the SPAM problem (one PC and one Mac) that has cut my SPAM by roughly 96% on the PC and more than 99% on the Mac, without blocking so much as one email that I really want to receive.  Both actually block the ads for viagra, without blocking the jokes about viagra, that my friends may send me from time to time.

Click on the icon below to learn more about iHate Spam for the PC.

iHateSpam for the PCIHateSpam for PC

Click the icon below to go to the download site for SpamSieve for the Mac.

SpamSieve for the Mac  SpamSieve for the Mac


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